Bronze Bas-Relief Athletic Figures, 13' long at the lobby of the Primary School PS #69, Ridgewood, NY, 1975

3 bronze cast panels (each panel 5'h x 4' w) installed in the West Elevation of Public School #160, Bronx, NY, 1971

Bronze Bas-Relief, Public School #31, dedicated to the famous philanthropist, William T. Davis, Staten Island, NY, 1965

Ad Astra Per Libros, 7'h x 15'w bronze bas-relief, Public School #29, Bronx, NY, 1965

 2 Carved Limestone Panels, Brooklyn Heights Branch Library, each panel 20'h x 11'w placed on the North and South side of the main entrance, Brooklyn, NY, 1962

 School Sports, 20' high aluminum bas-relief at New Dorp High School, Staten Island, NY, 1962

 School Sports Bas-Relief, 6'h x 8'w placed in the auditorium lobby of Jr. High School #93, Queens, NY, 1960

Bronze Bas-Relief, 8' high, Public School #224, Brooklyn, NY, 1959

Terracotta Bas-Relief, 8'h x 5'w at Jr. High School #142, Brooklyn, NY, 1958

Education, aluminum bas-relief, 6'h x 10'w, Public School #2, Manhattan, NY, 1958

 Basketball Players, 10' high bronze bas-relief located at the main entrance of Public School #140, Bronx, NY, 1957